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Critical Illness Insurance
Critical Illness insurance - Calculator

Here at we are passionate about Critical Illness Insurance. This is a unique product, in that it is the only insurance product that was NOT created by the insurance industry, but rather by a doctor! More detailed information regarding this insurance can be found in the Resources section, but the key benefits are listed below:

pays a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of one of several critical illnesses including heart attack, cancer and stroke

the lump sum can be used for any purpose including payment towards unexpected medical bills, mortgage payments, payment of hotel bills for relatives, even vacations. There is no restriction on how this money can be used.

policies are available in amounts ranging from $5,000 – $500,000. For amounts up to $50,000 no medical is required!

This coverage can be obtained for less than the cost of your daily premium cup of coffee…think about that for a second and ask yourself, if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, are you truly in a position to be able to recover without impacting your finacial reserves?

Click on the button to bring up a simplified Critical Illness Insurance calculator to determine what coverage for a policy giving coverage up to $50,000 would cost. Fill out the form below to talk to us about this important insurance product. For higher amounts please also contact us using the form below.

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