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Long-term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

We may want to deny it, but we are getting older. Even if you are younger today, I can guarantee that you will not get any younger. Advances in medicine and increased awareness of what it means to live a healthier lifestyle mean that we are living longer. As we age, it can often become harder to take care of ourselves, despite all of our efforts. The facts are clear…….50% of us will require some form of long term care as we get older. The costs for this care are anything but cheap and becoming more expensive every year.

Long Term Care insurance can be used amongst other things to pay for stays in nursing care facilities, assisted living, or even in-home care. Relying on others to care for us as we get older is never an easy thing to think about. However, with LTC insurance you take away the strain on your finances that this care typically costs, allowing you to focus on your health and family.

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